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A North Carolina native, growing up in Eastern NC until 1981 when she and her husband fell in love with the mountains and moved to Western North Carolina. Taking after her grandmother, she was a crafty person from a young child. If she could be creative and use her hands she was in heaven. Her first camera was a Pentax 110 film camera at age 11. Even at that young age, Sandra felt an instinctive need to capture the beauty she saw everywhere, to savor later on. As the years progressed, she attended college and earned a degree in Commercial Art and Advertising Design. Since 1980, Sandra has continuously honed her skills through photography workshops and online training, shooting film and now digital. The natural progression of combining photography and art, two things that she loves, with her mantra "to learn something new every day", led her to photo art. Sandra likes for her work to set itself apart in a classic, unique style. Beauty is all around and she feels it is her gift to capture it, and share it. Sandra does photography, photo art, and portraiture.


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